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Oral Health for Overall Health and Medicare Advantage

Oral Health for Overall HealthSM has been shown to greatly improve the overall health of enrolled members and to significantly lower inpatient health care costs. This is especially true for Medicare Advantage plan members. All Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans, except for Florida Health Care Plans (FHCPs), include the program. 

Forty-five percent of members who have dental embedded in their  Florida Blue Medicare Advantage health plan are enrolled in the program for more than one eligible condition. Ninety-nine percent of these patients are automatically enrolled; however, only 16% have used their dental benefits in the last 12 months, compared to 45% of patients with commercial insurance. That’s why it’s especially important to check the eligibility of patients who have a Medicare Advantage plan. 

Our goal is to increase utilization to 30% this year. We’re confident that together we can reach this goal and ensure that your eligible patients can realize the benefits of this valuable program.