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Provider Contacts

The contact lists below will assist you by providing applicable phone numbers and/or email addresses for Customer Service units and Provider Relations.

Plans Offered and Administered by Florida Combined LifeCustomer Service
  • BlueDental Choice & Choice Plus PPO
  • BlueDental Choice Copayment PPO
  • BlueDental Freedom
  • BlueDental Choice Q & QF Plans
  • BlueDental Copayment Q & QF Plans
Plans Offered by Florida Blue and Administered by Florida Combined LifeCustomer Service
  • BlueOptions Health and Dental
  • BlueOptions
  • BlueSelect
  • BlueCare HMO
  • Miami Dade Blue
  • BlueMedicare
  • myBlue
  • SimplyBlue
  • Blue Options Hospital Surgical Plus
  • Blue Select Hospital Surgical Plus
  • FPCP Pediatric Essential Dental Plan
Plans Offered by Florida Combined Life and Administered by CompBenefitsCustomer Service
  • BlueDental Care Prepaid Plans
Plans Offered by the Federal Government and Administered by Florida BlueCustomer Service
  • Federal Employee Program (FEP)
Supplemental Plans Offered to Federal Employees Administered by the GRID Dental Corp.Customer Service
  • FEP Dental
Plans Offered by GRID AffiliatesCustomer Service
  • Out-of-State GRID Member Plans
  • Grid/Grid+
Contact the number on the member's ID card
Provider Relations Team