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A dentist examines a female patient with braces.

Orthodontic and Cosmetic Discounts

A healthy smile deserves a healthy discount. That’s why BlueDental plans not only give you access to a large network of high-quality dentists and specialists; we make it easy (and affordable) to have straighter, brighter teeth that will have you smiling with confidence.

NEW program offers discounts on Byte Clear Aligners

All BlueDental plans now offer you special discount rates on Byte**®** All-day or At-night Clear Aligners. This affordable at-home teeth straightening treatment uses discreet, FDA-cleared orthodontic devices that can be worn all day or at night — whichever works best for you.


Why Byte?

Affordability: Byte Clear Aligners cost thousands less than braces on average. Plus, you can use FSA or HSA funds to purchase them.

Faster results: Byte’s exclusive, science-backed HyperByte® can cut treatment time in half.

Convenience: Everything you need is sent to you. Aligners are administered and managed at home — no in-office visits are necessary.

Professional clinical expertise: Licensed dentists and orthodontists will customize a treatment plan and track your progress with regular check-ins through remote monitoring.

The treatment plan includes a free subscription to the My Byte™ app, which allows you to complete check-ins and conveniently track your progress from your phone.

What is the difference between the All-day aligners and the At-night aligners?

  • All-day aligners: Must be worn 22 hours per day. Average treatment time is four months.
  • At-night aligners: Must be worn for a minimum of 10 hours each night. Average treatment time is five months.

All-day aligners are preferred by those who can commit to longer wear time. At-night aligners are best if you prefer convenience (there’s no need to take them out to eat) over speed of treatment.

Orthodontic discounts1

If you prefer in-office orthodontia treatment and have a BlueDental ChoiceSM or CopaymentSM plan,2 our orthodontic discount program offers a 20% discount when you choose a provider in our orthodontic discount network. Orthodontic services include treatments that correct the alignment of teeth and jaws.

To find a participating dentist, visit and select “Orthodontic Discount” from the Select Plan Name list.

Cosmetic dental discounts1

If your teeth are discolored, worn, chipped or broken, cosmetic dentistry procedures help improve the appearance of your smile. You’ll save 20% on the following general or restorative services:

  • Cosmetic contouring
  • Laminate veneer (porcelain or composite)
  • Whitening (in-office or at-home system)
  • Implant/abutment/crown

To find a participating dentist, visit and select “Cosmetic Discount” from the Select Plan Name list.

Take advantage of your dental plan’s discounts and get a healthy, dazzling smile!


1 Certain dentists have voluntarily agreed to offer a 20% discount off their usual charge for noncovered cosmetic or orthodontic services. These dentists are identified by an affiliation to either the Cosmetic Dental Discount Program or Orthodontic Discount Program. Because these dentists are neither contractually nor legally bound to offer these discounts, we recommend that you contact the provider to inquire about the continued availability of any discount prior to scheduling an appointment. The 20% discount does not apply if coverage for orthodontia or implants is included in your dental benefit plan.

2 These discounts are available to members of the following eligible plans: BlueDental Choice, BlueDental Choice Plus, BlueDental Copayment and Choice. These benefits are not available to members of BlueDental Care prepaid plans.