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Premium Tax Credits for Pediatric Dental Plans

The Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) is a credit that helps cover the cost of health insurance premiums for plans purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace. It’s part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Families who enroll dependents under 19 years of age in a medical plan that does not include benefits for pediatric dental services may be eligible for an additional subsidy to cover some or all of the cost of a stand-alone dental plan. This subsidy is only applied to the child portion of the dental premium, and the plan must be purchased at or through the Health Insurance Marketplace Call Center. Qualifying BlueDental plans include BlueDental Choice QF and BlueDental Copayment QF. The APTC amount is automatically calculated during the enrollment process.

When you apply for health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you are asked to estimate your income for the year. The subsidy is available to anyone with a modified adjusted gross income of 100 to 400% of the federal poverty level. If you qualify for a premium tax credit, you can use it to lower your premium.

The APTC is available ONLY when you purchase family medical and dental coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

You can learn more about the premium tax credit at