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Maximum Rollover

Your dental plan’s benefits go further with Maximum Rollover. It allows you to save unspent benefit dollars for use in future years, which can help with the cost of unexpected procedures.

Maximum Rollover is included in many of our BlueDental PPO plans, including Choice, Choice Plus, and Copayment plans (it’s not included in BlueDental Care plans since they don’t have an annual maximum). Check your policy or Florida Blue account to see if your plan includes this valuable benefit.

Your benefit dollars can add up

With Maximum Rollover, the portion of unused benefit dollars that are “rolled over” provides you with additional coverage, which increases the value of your plan. Your total claims paid during the calendar year must not exceed the payment threshold, which varies by plan (see chart below):

If your plan’s annual maximum benefit amount is:And, if your claims don’t exceed this amount:We’ll roll over this amount to use next year and beyond:You can earn up to this amount of rollover dollars:

Here’s an example of how it works

(Based on an annual plan maximum of $1,000)


To earn rollover dollars, you must be an active member with an eligible plan on the last day of the calendar year and receive at least one covered service, such as a routine cleaning during the year.

Rollover dollars are applied automatically once your plan’s annual maximum has been reached. They don’t expire, so they can add up over time.

You can check your rollover balance anytime at your Florida Blue account or our mobile app.