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BlueDental Loyalty

Our BlueDental PPO plans come with perks. If you’re over 18 and you have an individual BlueDental ChoiceSM or Copayment plan (a plan you purchased yourself and not through an employer), you get extra services after reaching membership milestones, beginning at just six months, through BlueDental Loyalty. These include an exclusive customer service phone number and additional cleanings that can help you have a brighter, healthier smile.

You’re automatically enrolled, so it’s easy to earn extra perks.

6 Months
Blue Member
Your plan’s waiting period ends
1 Year
Silver Member
Concierge customer service, including a dedicated Loyalty program member phone number
2 Years
Gold Member
One additional cleaning
3 Years
Platinum Member
Two additional cleanings

The additional cleanings you get through BlueDental Loyalty are not subject to annual maximums, deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments when you visit a participating dentist. If you get a cleaning through an out-of-network dentist, coinsurance will apply. If you’re also enrolled in our Oral Health for Overall HealthSM program, you can receive up to four cleanings per calendar year.

Dental Benefits Go Even Further with Maximum Rollover

Individual BlueDental Choice and Copayment adult plans also include Maximum Rollover, a program that lets you save a portion of unused benefit dollars for use in future years to help with unforeseen procedures and costs.

Your BlueDental plan helps you achieve your best oral and overall health, especially when you take advantage of the services and savings you get through our BlueDental Loyalty and Maximum Rollover programs.