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Why Sell BlueDental

Agents and brokers, when you partner with Florida Blue, you can grow your business and provide your clients with dental coverage from the carrier they trust with all of their health insurance needs—the Blue brand is preferred two times more often than other carriers for all benefits.1

Lower costs and better health with Oral Health for Overall HealthSM

Florida Blue offers enhanced dental benefits through Oral Health for Overall Health, a program that connects our medical and dental plans to improve the overall health of participating members. The program ensures that those with qualifying medical conditions who need dental care the most are able to get it. Oral Health for Overall Health can also potentially lower medical and dental care costs.

Eligible members with both Florida Blue medical and dental plans are automatically enrolled (they can also self-enroll) and receive condition-specific, enhanced dental benefits, as well as proactive outreach and education.

These benefits are covered 100% and can add up to $1,000 in dental services. Plus:

  • There’s no cost to participate and no out-of-pocket expenses
  • There are no waiting periods
  • Services do not count toward the annual maximum

When your clients offer their employees dental benefits through stand-alone carriers, they miss out on opportunities to help them achieve better overall health.

Quality providers and the top-rated effective discounts in Florida

Our BlueDental Copayment and Choice PPO networks are ranked #1 and #2 in Florida for effective discounts.2 Our local presence and focus also extend to provider contracting and credentialing—we work closely with each of our providers to ensure they meet Florida Blue’s high standards of quality. The combination of quality dentists and effective discounts that result from high in-network utilization means that your clients can save more money and have lower out-of-pocket costs.

A large national network

BlueDental PPO plans feature an extensive network of dentists throughout Florida—and nationwide. In addition to 7,500 dentists in Florida, our national network includes over 100,000 providers and more than 350,000 access points.

When your clients offer their employees a dental plan that includes broad access to quality providers, in addition to the top-rated effective discounts, they’re providing them with a quality dental plan that not only completes, but also enhances their benefits package.

Maximum Rollover helps benefits go further

With our optional Maximum Rollover benefit, dental benefits can add up. If members don’t use all of their benefit dollars in a given year, Maximum Rollover lets them save a portion of that money for use in future years. These extra funds can be used to offset the costs of unexpected care or to plan for major services. Members of qualifying plans are automatically enrolled and rollover dollars do not expire.

Maximum Rollover provides members with extra incentive—and funds—to practice preventive care and improve their overall health.

Industry-leading, locally focused service

Florida Blue has made substantial investments to improve our enrollment and billing, while our claims and call center metrics remain consistently excellent. With a streamlined sales and fulfillment process and expanded implementation team, we are able to ensure faster, more accurate installations for large groups. Groups with 50 or fewer employees benefit from an onboarding and enrollment process that is simple, fast, and integrated with Florida Blue health.

At the same time, our member service is unparalleled. Members have 24/7 online access to their benefits, conveniently integrated with their Florida Blue health account. When members have questions or need help, our team is standing by to provide fast, accurate customer service. Members can even drop into one of the many Florida Blue centers throughout the state.

1) Oliver Wyman Consumer Ancillary Benefits Survey, 2017.
2) “Milliman Research Report: 2020 Dental Actuarial Analytics PPO Network Study,” June 2021. This reflects the actual savings that customers realize as the discounted rates that we negotiate with our network providers combine with high in-network utilization.