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BlueDental discounts on Byte Clear Aligners

Affordable, at-home orthodontia options for BlueDental Members

Studies show that as many as 25% of U.S. adults seek or want orthodontic treatment but don’t feel they can afford it. That’s why Florida Blue has partnered with Byte® Clear Aligners to offer all BlueDental members an affordable alternative to fixed braces—at significant discounts.

Byte’s network of licensed orthodontists and dentists prescribe FDA-cleared orthodontic aligners that can be worn all day or at night. Members receive step-by-step instructions, from how to submit impressions to treatment and maintenance guidance.


Why Byte?

Affordability: Byte Clear Aligners cost thousands less than braces on average. Plus, members can use FSA or HSA funds to purchase them.

Faster results: Byte’s exclusive, science-backed HyperByte® device can cut treatment time in half.

Convenience: Aligners are administered and managed completely at home—no in-office visits are necessary.

What’s the difference between All-day and At-night aligners?

  • All-day aligners: Must be worn 22 hours per day. The average treatment time is four months.
  • At-night aligners: Must be worn for at least 10 hours each night. The average treatment time is five months.

All-day aligners are best for those who can commit to longer wear time. At-night aligners are best for those who prefer convenience (there’s no need to take them out to eat) over the speed of treatment.

How does Byte work?

  • Members purchase an impression kit
  • They make an impression of their teeth with special putty included in the kit and then return it to Byte for evaluation
  • They share preliminary info on a personalized portal
  • Once Byte dentists and orthodontists review a member’s impression and info and confirm that they are a good candidate for the aligners, they create a treatment plan, which is shared with the member via an interactive modal in a secure online portal
  • After the member reviews and purchases the treatment plan, the aligners are manufactured and shipped
  • Treatment progress is tracked regularly through remote monitoring

MyByte app

Each treatment plan also includes a free subscription to the MyByte® treatment plan app. Members can conveniently complete check-ins and track their progress from their phones.

Lifetime guarantee

Once treatment is complete, Byte offers the Byte for Life Guarantee™. Members will be sent additional impression kits, new treatment plans, and aligners to help correct misalignment issues at no extra cost.

Help your BlueDental customers get the smile they’ve always wanted

They can learn more about Byte Clear Aligners by visiting